Fat Loss Factor Review - Does Fat Loss Factor Really Work?

Published: 30th April 2010
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Being overweight is not fun, if you do not like it. Some people enjoy being large and have no problem with it. Others will do whatever it takes to get rid of their body fat. If you too want to lose fat, then here's how to do it.

You need to get on a fat loss program that works with your body, not against it. Most fat loss programs will essentially starve your body by restricting calories. This is bad for a few reasons...

Your body adapts to the new levels of calories and will use muscle instead of fat for energy. Your body will go into what is known as the "starvation state" and do whatever it takes to hold on to your body fat (stored energy) in order to survive what it believes to be a famine.

In order to overcome this problem we have to eat frequently to keep our metabolism high. Yes, eating 4-8 times in a day is the best way to boost your metabolism sky high and that's one of the methods explained within the fat loss factor.

To not exercise on a fat loss program will usually lead to your body becoming what is known as "skinny fat", this means you are still the same person and you may be smaller, but you are still "fat". This happens when the body again, doesn't have muscle.

To build or gain muscle you have to successfully train your body through exercise. Specifically resistance training exercise. This helps build more muscle and sustain the muscle you currently have on a calorie restricted diet. Muscle is essential for fat loss since it will help burn calories even at rest! Awesome, right? Yes.

The other thing that makes fat loss factor a good idea is the fact that you will have cardio exercise incorporated into the program. You need to do some kind of cardio to lose the remaining fat after a good diet and strength training program. That's why I like the fact that fat loss factor has this in the program as well.

In my opinion the program has all the component of a successful fat loss plan, that I personally use when I want to lose fat in time for the beach after building muscle during the winter. Fat loss factor involves all three main ingredients, nutrition, resistance training and cardio.

The convenience is that you can just follow a program and basically just "do the work" instead of having to come up with any ideas or pay an expensive personal trainer.


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